Strata Management Services

At VBCS we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to management your property. Our service is extensive, covering the areas of finance, administration and supplier management.

Financial Management

VBCS prepares financial accounts complying with the relevant state legislation and regulations. The annual income and expenditure statements are enclosed for each owner’s review with the Annual General Meeting agenda.

VBCS issues levies to owners and ensures they are paid directly into the Owners Corporation Bank Account which is held in trust. Various payment options are offered including:

  • Payment via pre-registered bank account or credit card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • B-Pay
  • On the phone from your nominated account
  • DEFT payment system – available through Macquarie Bank
  • Payment at any Australia Post Office.

Debtor control
VBCS manages debtors for all properties through monitoring of arrears and seeking committee instructions to undertake recovery as necessary.

Cheque summaries
VBCS can provide a summary as required, which includes a detailed list of all cheques drawn from the Owners Corporation Account.

Administrative Management

Competitive insurance quotations are sought on behalf of Owners Corporations. Upon selection, VBCS will place insurance on your behalf and provide the following services:

  • Insurance claims and lodgement
  • Insurance renewal
  • Obtain and insurance valuation from a qualified valuer at the direction of the owners corporation.

All Owners Corporation and Body Corporate documentation is maintained in accordance with the relevant state legislation and regulations:

  • Correspondence
  • Accounting records
  • Rules
  • Strata Plans
  • All records that are required to be kept by the scheme.

VBCS will convene and attend the Annual General Meeting and Committee meetings as instructed by the Owners Corporation.

VBCS can assist in mediating disputes within your property. Our thorough knowledge of the legislation, regulations and rules ensures we can assist in achieving harmony in your strata community.

Supplier Management

Consultancy Services
VBCS has established relationships with a wide range of professional service providers including:

  • Solicitors specialising in strata law
  • Auditors
  • Valuers
  • Engineers.

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VBCS utilises the services of tradespeople and has developed a large database of insured, highly competent contractors in a range of service types.

For quality assurance, all trades people are required to evidence their Public Liability insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation insurance and licensing, where applicable.


VBCS has developed an on-line database giving clients access to the best Melbourne trades people, drawn from the many hundreds who have been commissioned by the company in the 29 years since it has been doing business in Melbourne.

VBCS has taken on the rigorous process of developing the highest quality database of trades people, in an extensive certification process guided by their professional reputations, track record for quality work and trade compliance with the necessary licences and insurance.

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