Vesture – Smarter Communities signals a new vision


Vesture is a national property company specialising in strata title management, also known as owners corporation management or community titles management. With a solid reputation built over more than 32 years, Vesture has established itself as a leader in the strata world with leading service providers concentrated in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Adelaide.

Professional, efficient, innovative and financially stable, Vesture cares about its clients and their most valuable assets – their home or property investments. Our Vesture companies offer services to meet the individual needs and objectives of every Owners Corporation we manage. This means longevity for buildings and investments, satisfaction for residents, and peace of mind that everyone is well taken care of.

It’s a fast-paced world we live in and an equally fast-paced industry in which we work. Strata is constantly evolving and to stay successful we must anticipate and conform to future changes.

Vision for Smarter Communities
Our new vision is based on the concept that ‘Smarter Communities’ can and should be within the easy grasp of all residents of the properties that we manage.

In the new future will we be launching a new brand, a new direction, a new look; all designed with our clients in mind, and all to bring smarter communities to everyone.

Smarter Communities is like an external renovation of Vesture. It’s a new look for 2017 complete with:

  • A modern, updated company name and logo
  • Smarter internal by-laws
  • A commitment to offering expert solutions that build smarter communities

Just like our other businesses, Smarter Communities, commits us to build smarter; both internally and externally.

Vesture has built its business and reputation on being at the forefront of service innovation, so we view this exciting new step as a natural progression in our service offering for all involved stakeholders.

Adding to our existing positioning of being forward thinking, innovative in technology and use of systems, and proactive in service delivery, providing smarter communities will solidify our position as the leader in the industry.

We’ll be launching exciting new initiatives that will appeal to and benefit everyone. Updated work practices and policies with a focus on promoting a healthy workplace/lifestyle balance for our team is just the beginning.

Our clients will enjoy notable changes too, and not just visually with introduction of our new logo… but everywhere! We will continue to invest in smart, innovative technology to improve when and how we communicate and constantly review our processes and procedures to ensure we are working smarter so they can enjoy smarter community living.

We are confident that everyone will enjoy this new, smarter business model and look forward to communicating these Smarter Communities initiatives over the next few months.

Our CEO, David Hampton, is available for interviews and photo opportunities as required.

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